Friday, July 6, 2007

Chenzhou Links

To the side, I have added websites with Chenzhou kids that I have found over the past year. If you have a website not listed, please let me know so I can add it, and also ao I can follow your site, as I love to follow AC's Chenzhou brothers and sisters! I hope this list is helpful to all of those with Chenzhou kids. I know I would've loved to have the links to many families with children from Chenzhou when we got our referral!


From when we got my sister's referral last July to when we went to China, we always pronounced Chenzhou "chin zow (like "pow" with a z). Once in China, our guide laughed and informed us that Chenzhou is really pronounced "chin joe". Same thing with Guangzhou. It is not "guang zow" but "guang joe". We also went awhile being unsure if Chen was "chin" or "shin", but as told to our by our guide, it is pronounced "chin".

My sister's Chinese name is "Chen Xun Hui". That is pronounced as "chin shun hway". Chen, of course, is the surname/last name given to all the kids in Chenzhou SWI, so she was called Xun Hui. Her nickname was "Hui Hui". The nickname is normally the third name said twice.